The learning experience

Popular Medical College believes in positive attitude, self confidence, knowledge, skill, professionalism and human values. The objective is to produce “medical graduates with a difference capable of taking charge of the future”.

Large group teaching

Popular Medical College is continuing its academic activities in a multi-storied academic building at its own premises at Dhanmondi, a prime location in Dhaka City. The building provides ample space for every basic medical science departments. The authorities envisage further expansion and moving to a large campus nearby the present campus in the near future.

The college is provided with very spacious, air-conditioned, sound proof lecture galleries to comfortably accommodate 150 students in each with all latest audio-visual aids and address system for teaching. Another larger multipurpose hall specially designed to conduct examinations have been incorporated.

Along with the century old traditional lecture system to introduce a subject and discuss the broad concepts in that specific field of study, interactive lectures, integrated teaching, problem-based teaching to some extent and small group discussions in large scale has been introduced from the beginning. Formative and summative assessment are used for student progress assessment.

Learning in Groups

Outside the designated class, discussion in small groups is encouraged. Participating in these group discussions students have the opportunity to interact and learn from each other. Guide teacher used to help them as and when required.

Community based learning

We are committed to provide training environment at the community to train the students and interns to enable them to participate in the preventive and curative care of the patients and their families in primary health care at field setting successfully and to contribute to improve the health of low income group of people under the community oriented medical education programme.

Problem based learning

Problem Based Learning (PBL) to enrich the capability of self-judgment & decision-making is being practiced under supervision. Finally, we pride ourselves on being committed to prevailing excellent student teacher relationships.

We want our students to become very sociable & committed to our mass community through voluntary works.

Clinical Teaching Facilities

The Popular Medical College Hospital with its emergency, outpatient & 500 beds for inpatient including ICU, HDU and dialysis facilities is already in function for clinical teaching of the students. Along with the bed side teaching designated class rooms have also been provided for tutorial classes in the hospital.

Integrated Teaching

Integrated teaching incorporating Pre-clinical, Para-clinical and Clinical disciplines have been organized, so that students can get ideas about basis of human body & its functions, the disease processes & its manifestations & management from the beginning & thereby expose them to the patient at an earlier date.

Learning in Tutorials

Tutorial is the most distinctive way of learning in our institution. We have introduced true tutorship to augment learning apart from lecture & practical classes. This model has proved to find out real weakness in student & ensure appropriate remedy. Teacher student ratio has been adjusted in such a way that it will form the focus of independent learning & will give the student ample space to discuss ideas & be challenged to think clearly about what a student have been studying.

Self Learning

In addition to practical classes, tutorials, & other attachments a student will be expected to direct his own learning, identifying his/her weakness & actively perusing areas of interest. To support this, institution has provided network facilities, laboratories, virtual library with huge titles & all possible access.

Remedial learning

We are providing special attention for students who face difficulties in learning or show deficiencies in their academic performance through extra course after office and during holidays.

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