Annual Cultural Competition
& Annual Games

Culture reflects civilization and amounts the invisible aspects of social life. To motivate, upgrade and add more values to social behavior of the students, Popular Medical College put emphasis on cultural programs within the limited space of curriculum throughout the year. To choose best performer competition is arranged annually which is enjoyed by the students and teachers.

Annual Games

Popular proverbs “Health is Wealth”, “Healthy body healthy mind inspires healthy thinking to keep physical and mental fitness”. Games are the sources of physical and mental fitness along with recreation and refreshment. To address all these issues Popular Medical College organizes various games throughout the year for its students and teachers.

Annual Debate Competition

For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate etc. Debate is one of the most formidable academic activities in which students can be involved. Popular Medical College has a debate club which gives students a fun way of developing their oracy skills.

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