The Department of Gynae & obst. is fortunate with very strong and committed faculty. Best quality clinical learning at OPD and bedside is impaired by them to the students with a structured program. The faculties take highest possible care to the students to prepare them for professional examination and afterwards.

From left to right:
First row:
Dr. Kamil Ara Khanam, Assoc. Prof.
Prof. Ferdousi Islam Lipi
Prof. Kohinoor Begum
Prof. Iffat Ara

Second row:
Dr. Momota Chowdhury, Registrar
Dr. Sumaiya Akhtar, Asstt. Prof.
Dr. Jesmin Ara, Registrar
Dr. Joysree Shaha, Assoc. Prof.

Patient profile: In 2019
• Total inpatient: 1342
• Total outpatient: 2099

• Top ten diseases:
1. Pregnancy with HTN Fibroid uterus
2. Pregnancy with GDM Adenomyosis
3. Pregnancy with fetal distress DUB
4. Term pregnancy Endometriosis
5. Previous cesarean section Ovarian tumour
6. APH Subfertility
7. Multiple pregnancy Ca cervix
8. Malpresentation Ectopic pregnancy
9. PROM Abortion
10. Labour pain Post menopausal bleeding

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