Recommended list of books for 1st year MBBS students

Medicine is an ever changing science and its range of study and requirement of knowledge for a successful medical graduate is beyond the scope of recommendation. However we suggest a list of essential books as per existing curriculum recommended by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council. Choices could be made from the list suggested below-

Book List


Richard S. Snell: Clinical Anatomy – 9th edition.
Principles of General Anatomy –A.K Datta - 6th edition.
Human Anatomy Vol. I, II, & III: Chaurasia, B.D. Mescher: 7th edition.
Essentials of Human Anatomy Vol. I, II, III: A.K. Datta - 9th, 5th, 4th edition respectively
Mannan’s Regional Dissection & Surface Anatomy – 13th edition.
Sadler: Langman’s Medical Embryology – 14th edition.
Essential of Human Embryology - A.K Datta - 5th edition.
Junqueira’s Basic Histology - 14th edition.
Difiore’s Atlas of Histology - Eroschenko V.P - 13th edition
Richard S. Snell Clinical Neuroanatomy - 9th edition.
Essential of Neuroanatomy Vol. IV, A.K Datta – 3rd edition.
Netter – Atlas of Human Anatomy – 7th edition
Gray’s Anatomy-Anatomical basis of clinical practice - 41th edition.


Text book of Medical physiology-Guyton and Hall- 12th edition.
Ganong’s Review of medical physiology - 23rd edition.
A text book of practical physiology – C.L. Ghai – 7th edition.
Text book of Medical physiology – Indu Khurana, Arushi Khurana – 2nd edition


Harper’s Biochemistry – 30th edition
Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews Biochemistry- 6th edition
Biochemistry: U. Satyanarayana - 5th edition.

Community Medicine

K. Park: Park’s Textbook of Preventive & Social Medicine- 25th Edition
Rashid, Khabir, Hyder- Text Book of Community Medicine & Public Health - 5th edition.
Mahajan’s - Methods in Biostatistics for Medical Students & Research Workers

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