The Department of Community Medicine is provided with a museum and other auxiliary facilities. The museum has good collection of models, photographs and charts related to health care delivery. The teaching is also carried out at community level. For that purpose PMC has a residential field training centre of its own at Trishal Upazilla under Mymensingh district with outpatient and diagnostic facility is in function. It provides exposure of the service to the students and interns at community setup. A dormitory has already been  onstructed there to accommodate 40 students for RFST programme. Along with this day visit is also conducted in different health care and public health facilities.

From left to right:

First row:
Dr. Khan Nasrin Jahan, Asstt. Prof.
Dr. Mohammad Mahbub-Ul-Alam, Assoc. Prof.
Prof. Md. Shahidul Basher
Dr. Mahmuda Ansari, Asstt. Prof.

Second row (Lecturers):
Dr. Muhammad Imamuzzan
Dr. Sanjida Rahman
Dr. Christe Antora Chowdhury
Dr. S M Kawser Zafor Prince

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