The strength of the Department of Medicine and its allied disciplines lies in its faculties. Renowned stalwarts of the subjects ornament the department with their presence and dedicated teaching. Top quality clinical and bedside teaching is imparted by them to the undergraduate students. The teachers take utmost care in teaching medicine, pediatrics, dermatology and psychiatry to prepare the students for final MBBS.

From left to right

First row:
Dr. Homayra Tahseen Hossain, Assoc. Prof.
Prof. Abdul Matin
Prof. Mohammed Zahir Uddin
Prof. Khan Abul Kalam Azad
Prof. H.A.M. Nazmul Ahasan
Prof. Quazi Tarikul Islam
Prof. Md. Faruq Alam
Dr. Anzirun Nahar Asma, Assoc. Prof.

Second row:
Dr. Maksud Mazumder Fuad, Registrar
Dr. Roksana Begum, Registrar
Dr. Farzana Rahman Chowdhury, Assoc. Prof.
Dr. Ishrat Binte Reza, Asstt. Prof.
Dr. Urmi Rahman, Asstt. Prof.
Dr. Nawsabah Noor, Registrar
Dr. Tasmina Chowdhury, Asstt. Prof.
Dr. Mahbub Mayukh Rishad, Registrar (Not in picture)

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