The Department of Paediatrics is being established as a separate department. It caters both neonatal and paediatric age group. Extremely devoted and capable teachers take care of the students.

From left to right:
Dr. Farzana Rahman Chowdhury, Assoc. Prof.
Prof. Dr. A. K. M. Matiur Rahman
Dr. Urmi Rahman, Asstt. Prof.

B. Central presentation/CME: Childhood Obesity presented by
Prof. A.K.M. Matiur Rahman and Dr. Farzana Rahman Chowdhury
on 24-01-2019.
C. Ongoing research activities/Thesis:
• Comparison of hospital outcome in pneumonia and
• Study on vitamin D level in ARTI.
D. Publications:
Dr. Farzana Rahman Chowdhury:
• Prevalence of exclusive breastfeeding and associated factors
among mothers attending in the outpatient department in a
tertiary care hospital of Bangladesh. Accepted in Northern
International Medical College journal.
E. Presentation/Participation in seminar/conference/workshop:
Prof. A.K.M. Matiur Rahman Chowdhury: Participated in
• Silver Jubilee Tripediom Agortola Tripura, India from 2nd -
3rd October’2019.
From left to right:
Dr. Farzana Rahman Chowdhury
Assoc. Prof.
Prof. A. K. M. Matiur Rahman
Dr. Urmi Rahman, Asstt. Prof.
Bed side teaching
Bed side teaching Teaching in OPD
• Global immunization update for Government and Non
government organization on 09/10/2019.
• Measles eradication program in Bangladesh Institute of Child
• 5th International and 21st Biennial BPA Conference on
21-23/03/2019 at Milon Hall, BSMMU.
• International Conference on Paediatric Gastroenterology and
nutrition from 16th – 17th November’2019 in BSMMU.
• International seminar on Paediatric Rheumatology in BSMMU.

As a speaker in
• Seminar on Dengue (member of Dengue crisis team) in
various places such as Square Hospital, Mugdha Medical
College, Bogura Medical College, Dhaka Shisu Hospital, Holy
Family Hospital.
Dr. Farzana Rahman Chowdhury: Participated in
• 5th International and 21st Biennial BPA Conference from
21st - 23rd March’2019, Milon Hall, BSMMU.
• Training on management of Dengue & Chikungunya for
doctors on 02/04/19, Popular Diagnostic Center.
• Workshop on research methodology from 10th -14th
February’2019, BMRC, Mohakhali, Dhaka.
• Workshop on biostatistics 18-22/03/2019, BMRC, Mohakhali,
Dr. Urmi Rahman: Participated in
• Workshop on Construction and evaluation of Single Best
Answer (SBA) at Popular Medical College organized by Medical
Education Unit of PMC from 5th – 6th October’2019.
F. Other activities: Follow up clinic at outdoor:
• Severe perinatal asphyxia
• Epileply
3. Patient profile: In 2019
I. Inpatient: 228
II. Outpatient: 610
III. Top Ten diseases:
a. Bronchopneumonia
b. Enteric Fever
c. Bronchiolitis
d. Dengue Fever
e. Diarrhoea
f. Hereditary Hemolytic anemia
g. Epilepsy
h. Nephrotic syndrome
i. Acute Glomerulonephritis
j. PEM.

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