The Department of Physiology is provided with a well equipped laboratory and other ancillary facilities. Hands-on-training are conducted in Physiology Laboratory during practical works to provide an opportunity to the students to make them acquainted with instruments and their use. The students are encouraged to draw their own personal observations in relation to concepts developed during theoretical sessions.

From left to right:
First row:
Dr. Shaima Rahman Mishu, Lecturer
Dr. Razia Sultana, Assist. Prof.
Prof. Dr. Shameema Begum
Dr. Farzana Yesmin, Assoc Prof.
Dr. Afrena Rahman, Lecturer

Second row (Lecturers):
Dr. Nazia Israfil
Dr. Mahamudur Rahman
Dr. Md. Rashed Bhuiyan
Dr. Md. Abdullah Al Mahmud
Dr. Md. Imtiaz Uddin
Dr. Homaira Binte Maudud

Departmental Presentation

Presentation on “Hemolytic Disease of New born (Erythroblastosis Fetalis)” by Dr. Razia Sultana. Organized by MEU of PMC on 02-05-2019.

Participation in seminar/conference/workshop:

Prof. Shameema Begum
Dr. Farzana Yesmin
Dr. Razia Sultana

Participated in 5th National Convention & Scientific Seminar organized by Bangladesh Society of Physiologist on 1st March 2019.

Dr. Farzana Yesmin
Dr. Razia Sultana

Attended Workshop on “Construction & Evaluation of Single Best Answer (SBA)” organized by MEU of PMC on 5-6th October 2019.


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