The Department of Microbiology is provided with well equipped laboratory and other auxiliary facilities to impart hands-on-training to the students. Also the students are made acquainted with the instruments and there use in the laboratory.

From left to right:
First row:
Dr. Hasina Iqbal, Assoc. Prof.
Prof. Kazi Zulfiquer Mamun
Prof. Mustaque Ahmed
Dr. Nabeela Mahboob, Asstt Prof.

Second row (Lecturers):
Dr. Faisal Zainal Abedin
Dr. Riffat Amrin Choity
Dr. Nusrat Jahan

Central presentations/CME:

Healthcare associated infection
control presented by Prof. Md. Mushtaque Ahmed.

Departmental case presentation/Journal club/Seminar:
Seminar on Determination of serum cytokines in
Chikungunya infection and comparison of their levels
among acute, recovered and persistent arthralgia groups
presented by Dr. Sabrina Afrin.

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