General Rules

  • Popular Medical College, Hospital and Hostel Campus is a non-smoking zone. Smoking is absolutely prohibited in the college, hospital and hostel campus and treated as punishable offence.
  • Political activities are not permitted in the college, hospital and hostel. Organization in the name of Union, Association or Society other than those set by the college authority are forbidden. Any attempt of such activity is treated as punishable offence.
  • Fixing and or hanging of posters, distribution of leaflets, pamphlets etc. within the college, hospital and hostel premises are strictly prohibited unless permitted by the authority. These are treated as gross indiscipline & the offenders are liable to punishment.
  • All types of demonstration, procession, shouting in the college, hospital and hostel premises are strictly prohibited and treated as punishable offence.
  • Damage of the college, hospital and hostel property is treated as punishable offence.
  • Violation of college rules and regulation is treated as punishable offence.

Library rules

Students are allowed to use the library from 8AM to 8PM on all working days of the week. The library remains close on Fridays, national holidays and holidays declared by the college office.

Student's participation in co-curricular activities

Students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities such as:

  • Literary activities like debates, seminars, scientific fair, publications of periodic wall magazine, annual magazine etc.
  • Sports and games.
  • Cultural activities.
  • Observation of National Days
  • Annual picnic
  • Humanitarian & social services like free blood donation & free medicine distribution for poor patients, warm cloths distribution during winter, relief works during natural calamities like cyclones, floods, epidemics etc.
    Committees formed by the college authority consisting of teachers & students (Teachers-Students

Committees) will look after these activities. Participation to these activities help to develop themselves as a team member, decision maker, communicator, manager and community leader in addition to efficient care provider.

Students Guidance

To help and guide the students in academic matters like studies, examination, attendance & conduct, a batch of 3-5 students are placed under a teacher as guide. Students are advised to meet their guide teacher frequently for any academic or personal matters or whenever asked by the Guide Teacher. Private tuition by faculty members is strictly prohibited.

College Discipline

Students must observe strict discipline in the college, hospital & hostel campus and also outside as
instructed by the college administration.
On disciplinary grounds the following penalties may be imposed on a student, depending on the nature of
offence -

  • Warning.
  • Fines.
  • Both warning & fines.
  • Signing of bond.
  • Suspension from the college
  • Expulsion from the college
  • Penalty / penalties imposed on students will be recorded in his / her transcript / testimonial. 

Academic Council Meeting

Academic Council will meet as & when necessary. They discuss all aspects of academic matters of the college & suggest measures for improving the academic environment & total improvement of teaching & learning in the college.

Student Attendance
Student attendance is recorded in attendance registers. Attendance is compulsory. Students are eligible to appear in the Dhaka University Professional Examinations only if they have 75% attendance in classes in the respective subject. Student shall have to take prior permission showing valid reason from the authority.

Curriculum and Academic Calendar
Curriculum and academic calendar is provided to every student to help him / her understand the schedule
for the year.

Code of conduct for the students

1. Students have to carry their "Identity Cards" when in the college & hospital.

2. Students are to attend classes in clean properly dressed clothes and of course with designated white apron.

3. Indecent dress, untidy hair, slippers & T-shirts are not permitted in the college campus.

4. The students are expected to maintain the highest standard in their academic & private lives. Loss of moral & spiritual values & addiction are punishable.

5. Students must not misbehave with the staff or employees of the college, hospital & hostel. Misbehaviour is an act of indiscipline & liable for punishment.

6. Students will communicate their problems / grievances / inconveniences to their designated Guide Teacher. Statement of the grievances / problems / inconveniences by the students must be submitted in an orderly & disciplined manner.

7. Any act or indiscipline on the part of any student including usage of abusive words or
objectionable words & sentences will make the student liable to be punished up to
expulsion from the college.

8. Abstentions from classes in a mass without prior permission are punishable. The
punishment will be imposed by the academic/ disciplinary council of the college.
Guardians will be informed of such acts of their wards.

9. Closing of the College, Hospital, and department gates or doors & creating obstacles in the normal functioning of the College, hospital & hostel are considered as indiscipline & students involved in such acts are liable to be punished.

10. All types of demonstrations, procession, shouting in the college, hospital and hostel
premises are prohibited & students involved in them are liable to be punished.

11. At the time of admission into the college, students & parents / guardians will have to sign a bond that the student himself / herself will abide by the rules & regulations of the college & the parents/guardians will assure that their children / wards will abide by the rules & regulations of the college. Any deviation of the commitment of the bond will make him / her liable to be punished upto the maximum.

12. Every student shall provide for himself / herself all the prescribed text books, dissecting
instruments & medical equipment. The college will not supply these to the students.

13. Student is advised to handle the instruments in the laboratory with utmost care. Any loss / damage to college / hospital / hostel property are liable to be realized from the student who is found responsible for the loss / damage of the college / hospital property.

14. In case of non-attendance due to illness a written statement from the student / parent /
guardian with a medical certificate preferably from the teachers of concern discipline of
the college should be presented to the concerned head of the department, who in turn will
submit it to the Principal for approval and preserve it for future reference.

15. Receiving private coaching from any teacher of PMC is prohibited. If any student or his/
her guardian seeks private coaching from any teacher of this institution & if it be proved
then he / she (student) may face dismissal from studentship.

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