From the desk of the Principal

Since the ancient age, the concept of medical school has been proliferated to disperse the
knowledge and skill of healing to the dedicated disciples. In course of time, medical schools have become the hub of incorporating the science with art of healing for learning as well as creating knowledge.

In this part of the world where the need for standard healthcare outplays the logistics and skilled manpower, medical colleges play a pivotal role to meet up the challenges. Popular Medical College started its journey with a view to take up the challenge of building skilled manpower along with providing standard healthcare to the people from all walks of the society.

Since the college’s inception, the quest for making it a centre of renowned minds of respective medical specialities turned the college into a different one. A good number of veteran teachers work here in unison to shape the tender brains of medical students into dedicated, empathetic and of course, skilled ones. The college has been maintaining high level of professionalism and standards of teaching since the beginning. State of the art teaching materials and a large, dedicated multi-speciality teaching hospital paved the way for effective clinical learning.

The college dedicates itself to create knowledge by clinical trials and researches. Students, in this unique campus, learn to seek and evaluate clinical facts with close supervision from acclaimed faculties in the respective fields. Through rich publications students as well as fresh physicians put their strong footprints in the field of medicine.

The college stretch their effort to international arena also. Faculties and students actively
participate and host numerous clinical meetings and programs with many renowned overseas organisations including American College of Physicians routinely.

Popular Medical College started its voyage with a commitment of “PRODUCING DOCTORS
WITH DIFFERENCE”. Till now, the college has been cruising through all odds and hardship but maintaining the right course with full throttle.

It's firmly committed to provide a bright future to the physician individual as well as to country’s healthcare.

I wish college's all success.

Prof. Khan Abul Kalam Azad
Principal & Professor of Medicine
Popular Medical College

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