From the desk of the Principal


Choosing an educational institute for study is a critical decision. For those ambitious and determined, planning to study medicine we believe that Popular Medical College would be  good choice to materialize the cherished dreams . Popular Medical College, the iconic concern of “Popular Group”, is the only total health care provider in the country in private sector. It has not been established just to add a name in the procession of new medical colleges but with a distinct objective and strong commitment of “Producing doctors with a difference” who will be- Professionally competent, Ethically and morally excellent, Well aware of community health requirement, Well versed in latest health technologies and Capable to meet the global health challenges. Materialization of the cited purpose obviously requires a host of resources and facilities. Within a very short period of time we have addressed many of them and are ensuring continuous improvement. We have hunted and acquired adequate number of highly qualified and well experienced faculties of the country. Recruited support service personnels are kind, sympathetic, helpful, cheerful and caring. We have also procured international standard teaching materials and magnificently created the campus to make stay of the students enriched and memorable. So we expect that our students would also remain committed with devotion to their studies. The large faculty and diverse attributes of the faculty members have made it possible for us to focus on the needs of each student individually and thus ensure the journey of each student studying at Popular Medical College successful and better for endeavors. Our campus is unique where the students find disciplined, participatory and friendly learning environment. All round education is imparted to make the students multidimensional. Emphasis is given on co-curricular & extra-curricular activities for personal development of the students with intention to evaluate them on the basis of their physical, mental, social, emotional and intellectual development so that they can face and overcome all odds, challenges and hardships of life with strong determination, great patience, persistent hard work and unshakeable tenacity to achieve the goal. Join the Popular Medical College with determination to invest yourself for the best possible outcome and bright future. We are committed to create your tomorrow today to succeed in this challenging world and hereafter. May Allah bless us all !


Khan Abul Kalam Azad
Principal &
Professor, Dept. of Medicine
Popular Medical College

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