Message from Principal

This is the first time that Popular Medical College is publishing its year book. It is published to mark the 5th Anniversary of the founding of Popular Medical College. I have been emotional about the project from the very first instant the idea was conceived, floated and decided at the academic council. Any doubts some may have harboured about the viability of the venture were quickly overturned by the outstanding response of the faculties. Their whole hearted support for the entire work and response by the entrepreneur exceeded our expectations and has been an immense encouragement to all concerned.

Birthdays are times for looking back and remembering the past and for looking forward and planning the future. I wonder about what the college was like five years ago-undoubtedly very different from today. I well remember the college at its beginning of five years ago when I started working with the active help of Prof. A.B.M. Ahsanullah, Dr. Shahnaj Pervin and an administrative support staff, Mr. Md. Shuhrabuddin Khan. Undoubtedly this days were very different. This were the early days of photocopying which was regarded as a major advance at that time.

This is neither a detailed history of the college nor a coffee-table publication to be picked up and admired. This book contains a wealth of information and its easy reading. There is something to capture the interest of someone and it can be picked up and laid down and having done these I believe that the reader will have a brief information of the activities of this recently established but rapidly upcoming quality medical institute.

Let us be thankful to all those who have contributed to its production. My thanks are especially due to the committee members who not only had the idea but the ability and tenacity to make it possible to produce this within a very short period of time.

The choice of items to be included has had to be selective due to constrains not unknown to all.

Finally it is a pleasure to acknowledge the constant encouragement from the college Governing Body specially the Chairman of the Governing Body for this project.

Prof. T. I. M. Abdullah-Al-Faruq
Popular Medical College

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