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In early 19th century, teaching was more of an art rather than a science without focus on empirical evidence to support the practice. At that time teaching was mostly teacher dominated with very little emphasis on life long and selfdirected learning. One became a teacher following the footsteps of their ancestor teachers. By the end of 19th century the question of training and practice to become a medical teacher arose.

Medical education in modern education system has shown great changes in different areas of teaching and assessment. Teaching aims to make a lifelong learner and assessment aims to reflect the integration of clinical and scientific learning, the nature of professionalism in clinical practice and role of a doctor in health care team. Adaptation to these changes demands continuous training and practice of medical education among faculty members to improve the quality of health care by improving the different areas of medical education.

On Medical Education during the early period of 2011 as Medical Education Cell with the objective to meet the health professional need of the society. In the interest of that it is trying to improve its teaching learning process and to establish standard, measurable evaluation system within a framework of quality assurance. During that period this cell had organized regular seminars on different issues of medical education encompassing several sub-divisions including teaching and learning theories, instructional methodology, assessment and evaluation, clinical teaching and continuing medical education. When it gained momentum, it became a Medical Education Unit that was created in 2014 as part of the requirement for National Quality Assurance Body (NAQAB) to achieve a stronger quality assurance program.

Medical Education Unit has been trying to build capacity of medical teachers in all level to make a complete package team to provide medical education as need of today in association with global changes of science. As part of it this the unit not only measures the activities of faculty development but also tries to identify ways of improvement of the learnt activities.

The target of this unit is not only to build capacity of own faculty but also to disseminate the changes of modern education in medical sector nationally. To this effect on, it organized three workshops in the year 2015 with the participants of own and other medical and dental colleges. Two workshops has been conducted on Teaching Methodology which intended to improve participants presentation skill, on making effective lesson planning, on giving scope of critical thinking of student and there by building their problem solving capacity , on taking lecture interactively and on different assessment system. Other workshop was conducted on OSPE with the objective of improvement in preparation of OSPE station, conduction of OSPE and evaluation retaining its objectivity and specificity. All these three workshops were designed with hands on group works and presentation of assignments of participants following learning by doing concept.

Activities in 2015
Effective Teaching and Learning10.03.2015Prof. Quazi Tarikul Islam
Educational Objectives21.04 2015Prof. Nilufar Begum
Lesson planning12.05 2015Dr. Ahmed Raquib
Small Group Teaching19.11 2015Prof. Dr. A.K.M Matiur Rahman
Name of workshopDurationNumber of Participants
Faculty Advancement in Medical Education on Teaching, Learning and Assessment From 11th to 13th, April 33 participants of PMC and other Medical & Dental Colleges were participated
Faculty Advancement in Medical Education on Teaching, Learning and Assessment From 18th to 20th, April 36 participants of PMC and other Medical & Dental Colleges were participated
Workshop On 'OSPE (Preparation, Conduction and Evaluation)' From 21th to 23th November 55 participants of PMC and other Medical & Dental Colleges were participated
Training / Workshop Organizing Institution Number of Participants
Workshop on Research Methodology Ibrahim Medical College Dr. Shahnaj Pervin
Dr. Anzirun Nahar Asma
Dr. Mahmuda Ansari Hossain
National Conference on Health Professions Education in Bangladesh Association for Medical Education in Bangladesh (AME) 27 teachers of PMC were participated
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