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Since its inception in 2010 Popular Medical College has been engaged in producing "doctors with a difference capable of taking the charge of the future". It is at the verge of fulfillment of its commitment and the 1st batch of the students will appear in final professional examination of the university in January 2016. The College has always emphasized on quality teachers, teaching materials and student friendly environment.

Milestones of History and PMC
Dr. Mostafizur Rahman a young medical graduate managed to get transfered to Dhaka from the Thana Health complex plotting to enable him to pursue a carrier in Surgery. He was posted in Central Pathology Laboratory of Dhaka Medical College. Gradually he developed an interest in pathology and continued his service there.
Dr. Mostafizur Rahman established a diagnostic centre in the name of Popular Diagnostic Centre Ltd. with three small rooms at Elephant road, Dhaka. He was doing well and progressively improving in his quality of service & performance. His competitors become jealous and had him transferred to Mymensingh Medical College Hospital in 1985. At this stage he decided to leave the government job and concentrate fully with the business.
Dr. Mostafizur Rahman purchased Fisons Bangladesh Ltd. appoint an Australian Consultant form Asia Pacific Company to make a master plan for the construction of a complete pharmaceutical plant. Within three years the construction was completed & began production in July, 2005.
To fulfill his dream to build up the "Popular Group" as the state of the art total health care provider of the country in non-government sector Dr. Md. Mostafizur Rahman built a 250 baded hospital in the name of Popular Specialized Hospital Ltd. With the well functioning of the hospital a good number of well wishers and admirers added fuel to his dream of establishing a medical college. On 9th September, 2009 in an Iftar party hosted by him to honour the medical specialists Dr. Mostfizur Rahman expressed his desire of establishing a medical college in the coming days. In his speech he also mentioned that Professor T. I. M. Abudllah-Al- Faruq would be the principal of the medical college. Everybody present in the party supported his desire with a big hand.
On seventeenth February an advertisement for establishment of two new medical colleges in the private sector was floated in the national dailies. Dr. Mostafizur Rahman rushed to Professor T. I. M. Abdullah-Al-Faruq showed the advertisement and expressed his keen desire to establish a medical college. Professor T. I. M. Abdullah-Al-Faruq observed that the session was almost over and classes had already begun in all the medical colleges. In addition the newly established medical colleges would only be able to admit left over poor quality students & also would not be able to employ well experienced teachers to teach the students. Prof. T. I. M. Abudullah-Al-Faruq explained to Dr. Mostafizur Rahman that a pioneer and perfectionist in diagnostic services and also in pharmaceuticals in this country must not proceed to establish medical college so hurridly with poor quality. It was imperative that the medical college began as a quality medical college from the outset. Dr. Mostafizur Rahman agreed with his proposal. From that very day an active planning of establishing a reputed medical college was begun.
After 10 months of planned and active works Popular Medical college opened its door for the students on the 29th day of December, 2010 with Professor T. I. M. Abdullah-Al-Faruq as the founder Principal. The college was set up in a prime location of the Dhaka city where most of the civic facilities were situated within 5 km radius of the college and the college campus was easily communicated by all types of transport. The college started its activities with 3 departments of preclinical basic science subjects, 50 students and 19 teachers. At present the college consists of 25 departments/units. The number of students and teachers has risen to 430 and 107 respectively.

The main purpose of establishment of the college is to produce quality "doctors with a difference capable of taking the charge of the future".Since its inception the college has a distinctive character of having distinguished medical scholars of the country as faculties, who have enriched the pool of knowledge by making notable contributions in the fields of teaching-learningassessment and research.

The high standard of education for the college set by its faculties under the dynamic leadership of the Principal and Vice-Principal. While serving as a highest echelon of academic excellence the college also functions as a premise for cocurricular and extra-curricular activities that would lead the students and ultimately the nation towards progress. The college in striving to combine the pursuit of knowledge and truth with values and needs of an evolving society. The greatest possession and will of the faculties with unconditional support of the entrepreneur will definitely do more than anything else to increase and spread the form of Popular Medical college beyond the territory of Bangladesh.

The Popular Medical College is well prepared to meet the challenges of the coming days with its freedom of work, justice and truth as a foundation commitment to the objective envisaged by the founders.
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